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Workplace Disputes Training

This training is aimed at building your HR  team’s capacity to manage challenging conversations and

conflicts in the workplace and to improve interpersonal relationships through collaborative discussions. If your role includes managing workplace complaints, then this training will teach you the skills, process and knowledge you need to ensure the best outcomes.

Shiv Martin is an experience mediator and lawyer who has succesfully managed workplaces disputes in a range of organisations, and is currently engaged with the Fair Work Commission as a conciliator.

This training, designed by Shiv Martin, is ideal for people managers and HR staff seeking to resolve workplace complaints, including Fair Work matters. This workshop can be delivered in person or online.


Training Overview

Shiv Martin will cover a range of fundamental conflict resolution skills and process, drawn from best practice negotiation and mediation approaches during this workshop.


The course will: 

  • draw from neuroscience and psychology in the context of how conflict arises, escalates and resolves specifically within workplace relationships

  • identify clear processes for managing workplace complaints

  • discuss the key communication skills necessary to move from conflict to constructive conversations and how to create a positive team culture, and

  • focus on interest-based negotiation strategies, and mediation approaches that encourage autonomy and ownership of conflict and outcomes.


Prior to the training Shiv Martin will work with your team to customise the content and focus of the training so that the skills and strategies taught can be easily applied to the day-to-day work of your team.

While Shiv is based in Brisbane, she delivers this training across Australia to Human Resources teams in a range of industries including government agencies, health services, education services and small businesses.

Training Materials

  • a brief PowerPoint slide pack (with a focus on visual elements) to accompany the presentation

  • printed slides, either in digital format (for virtual delivery of the Training) or hard copy (for in person delivery of the Training) so participants can be fully engaged, and

  • a two-page handout with key takeaways (provided to the participants after the Training)

  • list of reading and reference resources

  • other manuals, worksheets and handouts can be prepared on request.


PD Manager, Conciliator

Accident Compensation and Conciliation Service (Victoria)

Shiv's depth of knowledge across a range of areas, her collaborative style as a trainer and engaging manner was well received and ensured that our needs were met in the training and facilitation sessions, in terms of both content and process. In particular, Shiv's discussions around power and vulnerability in conflict resolution encouraged greater discussion and reflection amongst our Conciliation team. I look forward to further PD opportunities with Shiv as they present themselves

Interested in finding out more about how Shiv designs conciliation training for different organisations?

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If you require training in any aspect of conciliation, negotiation, mediation and communication with clients or staff, we can design it to meet your needs and ensure that delivery is unforgettable and worthwhile.

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