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Ombudsman Training

What does an Ombudsman Office do?

An Ombudsman acts as an impartial third party, investigating complaints and mediating conflicts between individuals and organizations. They work to ensure fairness, identify solutions, and hold institutions accountable when necessary.


Ombudsmen (and women) are important because they provide a crucial check on power. They offer individuals a fair and accessible way to address grievances against institutions, promoting accountability and preventing abuses of power. Additionally, by resolving conflicts and identifying areas for improvement, they contribute to smoother interactions between citizens and institutions, fostering trust and public confidence.

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What is the goal of Shiv's training for Ombudsman staff?

  • Equip staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively mediate and resolve conflicts.

  • Enhance understanding of different conflict styles and approaches to address them.

  • Develop active listening and communication techniques to facilitate productive dialogue.

  • Foster a collaborative environment for conflict resolution

  • build a strong collaborative internal team culture to support staff wellbeing and resilience in conflict.

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