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Policy & Strategy Advice

I believe that conflict and disagreements can be planned for. Most businesses and government organisations have a suite of policies, procedures and guides to assist their staff navigate day to day work tasks. Relationship and conflict management is a day-to-day task of all service focused teams.

I provide support to organisations seeking development the following policies or strategies:

1) Complaints Handling

2) Dispute Resolution

3) Stakeholder engagement and Communication

4) Communications strategy and Customer Service Charters

5) Respectful Meetings Policy

6) Terms of Reference for Working Groups

...and any other policy or strategy that involves managing relationships.

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Support for Leaders and Teams

Conflict Coaching

Through conflict coaching Shiv Martin helps individuals or teams dealing with conflict issues in several ways. For individuals, it can help improve their conflict competency and confidence by providing them with tools and teachings to effectively handle conflicts. This, in turn, can lead to better outcomes in their personal and professional lives. For teams, conflict coaching can help resolve conflict issues within the team, improve communication, and build stronger relationships. Shiv Martin has demonstrated success working with individuals and teams in conflict.

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Workplace Strategy


Workplace conflict is inevitable. When organisations plan ahead and have the right policies, training and procedures in place to manage disagreements they can be managed well with minimal interruption to business.

I have worked with organisations to decide policies and procedures for managing internal workplace disputes so that when a disagreement does arise the organization is well placed to manage the conflict internally.

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