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Training & Speaking Events and Workshops

The training services I provide range from customised negotiation skills, comprehensive complaints handling training to digital transformation training for mediation practices. I have partnered with leading training organisations and universities to deliver premium training to a range of clients from large government Departments to small businesses.

If you require training in any aspect of negotiation, mediation and communication with clients or staff, we can design it to meet your needs and ensure that its delivery is unforgettable and worthwhile.

Government and Community Sector Training

I specialise in partnering with government agencies to provide training and consulting services in all aspects of conflict resolution and complaints handling. This has included:​

  1. Training public sector staff in conflict resolution, mediation, conciliation and complaints handling

  2. Leadership conflict coaching in Brisbane and Australia

  3. Providing expertise for government dispute resolution panels

  4. Providing mediation and dispute resolution services for internal public sector conflict

  5. Conflict coaching and training for public service managers

  6. Professional development webinars in core skills such as negotiation, high conflict management, respectful communication, reflective practice, team leadership and public sector ethics.

Every training program, webinar or workshop I have delivered has been specifically tailored to the needs of the particular government agency. 

Conflict Resolution Training

Decision Making and Procedural Fairness
Cross Cultural Communication
Online/ Virtual Dispute Resolution
Conciliation for Government and Regulatory Bodies
Managing Unreasonable Conduct and Demands

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