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Expert Conciliation Training Services

Develop The Skills to Resolve Disputes

In today's fast-paced and high-pressure workplace environment, it’s not unusual to encounter conflict and disputes. However, amidst these challenges lies an invaluable resource: conciliation training services that seek to build our capacity to connect, build relationships and problem solve through better conversations.
Specialised conciliation training not only equips you as a professional with essential mediation skills but also cultivates a deep understanding of collaborative problem-solving and mutual respect within the workplace setting.  The best conciliation training empowers you to listen well and respond to parties constructively by identifying and exploring their underlying interests and suggesting options for conflict resolution.

By fostering a culture of open communication, encouraging ownership of outcomes, and promoting joint problem-solving, conciliation offers a transformative pathway to resolution. 
Shiv Martin conducts conciliation training for conflict managers, complaints handlers and legal officers who work for Government or Regulatory organisations and those in private sector roles that manage disputes arising under legislative or regulatory schemes.
With over a decade of conciliation and mediation expertise, Shiv has conciliated disputes for the Fair Work Commission, Information Commission and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


What is conciliation training? 

Conciliation training equips professionals with the essential skills and expertise needed to effectively resolve conflicts and disputes in accordance with the relevant law and policies. A conciliator, acting as a skilled negotiator and facilitator, assists parties in conflict to reach a mutually agreed-upon outcome. The Conciliator plays the role of a system representative, independent and impartial from the parties but not to the outcome. This involves employing problem-solving techniques and leveraging strong communication skills to guide parties towards resolution. It is also important that the Conciliator has subject matter expertise. As a practicing lawyer for over 12 years, Shiv brings advance statutory interpretation and legal analysis skills to her conciliation practice and training.

Interested in finding out more about how Shiv designs conciliation training for different organisations?

Shiv's depth of knowledge across a range of areas, her collaborative style as a trainer and engaging manner was well received and ensured that our needs were met in the training and facilitation sessions, in terms of both content and process.  In particular, Shiv's discussions around power and vulnerability in conflict resolution encouraged greater discussion and reflection amongst our Conciliation team. I look forward to further PD opportunities with Shiv as they present themselves.

PD Manager,

Conciliator Accident Compensation and Conciliation Service (Victoria)

What are the necessary conciliation skills taught in Shiv Martin’s Training Program?

During conciliation training, Shiv guides participants learning to identify relevant issues, communicate effectively, and explore options for resolution collaboratively. The program framework defines what conflict resolution is, and expertly prepares participants for challenging discussions either individually or collectively with all parties involved. Importantly, conciliators are guided to not make decisions or take sides; rather, they are trained to effectively facilitate the process, ensuring that all parties have a voice and that any resulting agreements are compliant with relevant rules, policies, or laws.

By engaging a trained conciliator early in the conflict resolution process, organisations can avoid growing tension through poor communication and importantly, mitigate potential legal costs, preserve relationships, and safeguard their brand reputation. Additionally, conciliators often serve as skilled conflict coaches, providing guidance on different conflict management approaches and helping parties improve relationships and workplace performance through effective conflict resolution strategies.


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If you require training in any aspect of conciliation, negotiation, mediation and communication with clients or staff, we can design it to meet your needs and ensure that delivery is unforgettable and worthwhile.

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