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Conflict Resolution Skills Training


Conflict Resolution &
Negotiation Skills Course

The Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills Course aims to transform conflict from a negative experience into an opportunity to construct better relationships and add value.

Participants will learn principled negotiation skills for complaints handling, focusing on soft skills and theoretical understandings. The course emphasises that conflict resolution is a skill and a process that combines art and science.

The course objectives include building a resilient and collaborative team of conflict managers, understanding team strengths and weaknesses in conflict management, identifying different sources and contexts of conflict, exploring various conflict resolution models, and mastering essential negotiation skills for collaborative problem-solving. Participants will also learn how to manage emotions in conflict and de-escalate confrontations.

The course can be delivered in two full-day face-to-face workshops or a series of half-day online workshops, with adjustable durations to suit organizational constraints. Face-to-face training in a classroom environment is recommended for optimal outcomes, but online forums can also be used.

A maximum of 20 participants is suggested for the interactive course, which will involve a balance of teaching, group discussions, and interactive activities. The trainer will draw from various sources in mediation, psychology, behavioural economics, law, and management, with a focus on the Harvard Negotiation Project and Australian Ombudsman Offices' work on negotiation skills.

All necessary resources, including slides, worksheets, and learning materials, will be provided by the trainer. Organizations are encouraged to supply case studies and examples specific to their context for a more tailored learning experience.


How valuable was the content of this event to you?

In many ways it was a refresher however I was able to take away some gems of information that I will be putting into practice. - Training participant March 2024

Very valuable - Training participant March 2024

How would you the rate the style and delivery of the event and facilitator?

Exceptional - Training participant March 2024

Exceptional - Training participant March 2024

Additional comments

Shiv was able to draw on a range of examples which made the learning experience that much more useful. - Training participant March 2024 

You have a great range of training choices. - Training participant March 2024

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