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Managing Challenging and Unreasonable Conduct

Do you deal with challenging and unreasonable demands, behaviour or communication at work?

Do your team members or clients need support managing challenging interactions?

Do some of your clients/ customers/ participants/ staff need a different approach to communication?

Shiv Martin continues to work with a number of Australian and Brisbane based organisations and individuals coaching and training them to better engage with challenging and unreasonable conduct.

Shiv's training and coaching in this space is inclusive, safety focussed and guided by principles of fairness and open communication.

By ensuring all training and coach services are informed by up to date research in mental health, Shiv Martin provides training and advice that has been demonstrated to manage and reduce the impact of unreasonable and challenging conduct in a broad range of workplace dispute contexts.


Why contact Shiv to customise and deliver this training for your team?

Working with challenging and unreasonable conduct is an inevitable part of dispute resolution work in a broad range of contexts. This includes work in regulatory organisations, public service, human resources, and complaints handling agencies.

As an experienced mediator, lawyer, government decision maker and team manager, who has worked with a broad range of dispute resolution and public service organisations, Shiv Martin brings an inclusive and informed lens to this topic. With the input of clinical mental health expertise, this workshop combines the most essential skills, knowledge, and resources to support a broad range of conflict and people management practitioners.

In providing training in this space, Shiv provides training participants with a broad range of evidence based resources, and industry specific strategies for responding to different types of unreasonable and challenging conduct.

In particular, Shiv has worked with a number of human resources teams and business partners, along with government agencies, tribunals, commissions and regulatory bodies seeking to upskill their staff in practical strategies for managing challenging behaviour and building self and team resilience for this work.


Shiv's training considers safety first when considering strategies to respond with challenging and unreasonable conduct.


In training this topic, Shiv ensures that the skills taught are considered through and inclusive lens. The training discusses the importance of making reasonable adjustments and seeking to understand underlying mental health causes for challenging behaviours.

Self awareness and Self Care

Shiv Martin's ensures that the training conversation always begins and ends with reflections on self awareness and strategies to build resilience in managing challening interactions at work.

Practical Skills

By delivering interactive, customised and  responsive workshops and coaching sessions, Shiv Martin ensures that the training is focussed on the needs of the participant and provides practical and meaningful tools, strategies and processes for managing challenging and unreasonable conduct in an inclusive and effective manner.

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How valuable was the content of this event to you?

In many ways it was a refresher however I was able to take away some gems of information that I will be putting into practice. - Training participant March 2024

Very valuable - Training participant March 2024

How would you the rate the style and delivery of the event and facilitator?

Exceptional - Training participant March 2024

Exceptional - Training participant March 2024

Additional comments

Shiv was able to draw on a range of examples which made the learning experience that much more useful. - Training participant March 2024 

You have a great range of training choices. - Training participant March 2024

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