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Mediation, Conciliation and Training

Creating value through connection

I am a dispute resolution expert providing my services as a mediator, trainer and consultant to businesses and government agencies. I am also a practicing lawyer and experienced public service manager.

I support teams transform their conflict resolution processes to achieve positive outcomes and build strong relationships. I achieve this by providing training, process design advice and dispute resolution services.

I customise the services I provide to the needs of each client organisation. Please contact me to discuss any of the following services:

1) Workplace and Commercial Mediation
2) Conciliation Training and Process Design
3) Complaints Handling: Training and Advice
4) Conflict Coaching for Managers
5) Facilitation for Group Conflict
6) Webinars, workshops and corporate events

Picture of Shiv Martin facilitating a group reflection.

Where do we begin?

Each dispute resolution service, coaching engagement or training workshop I provide is customised to the needs of the organisation. I will first seek to understand your objectives, needs and available resources, and then propose an appropriately tailored solution. I can support your team with mediation, training or advice on how to improve work policies and procedures to manage conflict. As a lawyer, I am careful to alert you to any legal risks and consequences.

Let's have a confidential discussion about how I can support you and your team. 

Contact me here and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Mediation, Conciliation and Dispute Resolution.

Training &
Speaking Seminars

Policy Advice and Process Design 

Meet Shiv Martin

Accredited Mediator, Lawyer and Trainer

I am a mediator, lawyer and trainer. I help individuals, teams and organisations improve their capacity to resolve disputes, negotiate better outcomes, and improve their relationships.


I have conducted community and workplace mediations for over 15 years and have worked in workplace complaints handling, legal disputes and government dispute resolution.

I have trained and consulted with a broad range of government departments, Universities and private sector organisations in the areas of dispute resolution, complaints handling relationship management and communication skills and strategy. 

I work with small and large businesses to manage stakeholder relationships and create value out of disputes through effective negotiation strategies.

Shiv Martin Conciliator

My service delivery process

I work with a number of government agencies (Commissions, Ombudsman organisations, Tribunals) and businesses (Mining sector, financial sector, small business, human resources).

When contacted by a new organisation, I will first arrange a confidential conversation to understand the organisation's specific needs. This may be anything from mediation, conciliation, leadership coaching, staff training or policy drafting advice. I will work with the organisation to identify and prioritise the goals, and align my proposal with the conflict services budget of each organisation. We always start with a plan!

Most organisations choose me because I offer a range of services and skills and am very happy to customise service delivery to the client needs. I also partner with industry leading professionals in mediation, conciliation, coaching and psychology to ensure that we have the right mix of expertise for the dispute or training need.

Shiv Martin is an engaging, confident online trainer who utilises the models available to engage her participants. Her materials are well-paces, easily understood and well-resourced.

Laura, Professional Development Manager 

Upcoming Events

Benefits of Mediation by Shiv Martin

Creating value through better conversations

I provide consulting and mediation services to business of all sizes as well as government agencies. My mission is to help teams like yours communicate better and achieve greater success. With my years of experience and training, I have become an expert in helping clients resolve conflicts, build stronger relationships, and achieve their goals. Whether you need help settling a dispute with another business, improving communication within your organization, or simply want to learn more about how mediation can benefit your business, I'm here to help.

As a mediator, I provide services in person in Brisbane and South East Queensland. I also provide express online mediations. As a mediator, I can bring a sense of calm and order to your conversations and support parties to engage constructively and come up with meaningful outcomes to their disputes.

I have extensive experience working in workplace conflict, including fair work disputes, discrimination complaints and other workplace grievances.  When mediating workplace disputes, I also engage with managers and human resources staff to ensure any outcomes are lasting and compatible with the goals of the workplace.

Learn More 

I share my learnings in mediation, conciliation and dispute resolution in my Blog. You will find updated content from me each week. My blogs always reference up to date research and publications in the dispute resolution and conflict management space.

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