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I help businesses and government organisations engage in better conversations and conflict resolution processes to achieve the best outcomes while building strong, positive relationships.

I achieve this by providing strategic communication advice and dispute resolution services such as mediation, conciliation, facilitation and conflict coaching.

I co-design internal and external dispute resolution processes for teams in many different contexts.

As a mediator, lawyer and trainer I bring a diverse set of technical and soft skills to the table that allow me to adapt my service delivery to the needs of each client.


Shiv Martin

I help individuals, businesses and government agencies with:

Mediation &
Conflict Resolution

Training &
Speaking Seminars

Policy &
Strategy Advice

Meet Shiv Martin

Accredited Mediator, Lawyer and Trainer

I am a mediator, lawyer and trainer. I help individuals, teams and organisations improve their capacity to resolve disputes, negotiate better outcomes, and improve their relationships.


I have conducted community and workplace mediations for 8 years and have worked in complaints handling and dispute resolution for over a decade.

I have trained and consulted with a broad range of government departments, Universities and private sector organisations in the areas of dispute resolution, complaints handling relationship management and communication skills and strategy. 

Shiv Martin is an engaging, confident online trainer who utilises the models available to engage her participants. Her materials are well-paces, easily understood and well-resourced.

Laura, Professional Development Manager 

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My values


I pride myself on providing a professional service that is evidence based, consistent with legislation and adapted to each client's needs. I will identify the appropriate resources and engage with other experts as the task requires.


I bring a creative and future focused approach to problem solving. I work with teams to engage in big picture thinking to identify new approaches and original solutions to problems or conflict.


I will identify opportunities to create and add value to your professional relationships by engaging in interest based conversations.


I design and deliver my services with empathy, cultural sensitivity and responsiveness to the individual needs of my clients. I specialize in cross cultural conversations and working with vulnerable individuals.

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