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Mon, 01 July



In-house Training - IN PERSON WORKSHOP

AUDIENCE: Team and Account managers Conflict resolution and mediation skills training for resolving industry and consumer disputes.

In-house Training -  IN PERSON WORKSHOP
In-house Training -  IN PERSON WORKSHOP

Time & Location

01 July 2024, 8:00 am AEST – 04 July 2024, 3:00 pm AEST

Brisbane, Brisbane QLD, Australia

About the event

This is a 4 day In-House Trainging run by Shiv Martin. 

There is a growing need for training in conflict resolution and mediation skills specifically aimed at resolving disputes between industries and consumers. 

Disputes or conflicts may arise in various situations within the industry-consumer relationship. These conflicts could be related to product quality, pricing, customer service, warranties, contracts, or any other aspect of the business-customer interaction. Such conflicts can lead to negative consequences for both parties, including financial losses, damage to reputation, or strained relationships.

To address and resolve these disputes effectively, it is important to have individuals within the industry who possess conflict resolution and mediation skills. This training will aim to provide them with the necessary knowledge, techniques, and strategies to navigate and mediate conflicts between industry representatives and consumers.

By improving conflict resolution and mediation skills, the industry participants would be better equipped to handle disputes in a professional, fair, and non-confrontational manner. This training would help them understand the underlying issues, identify common interests, facilitate communication, negotiate mutually satisfactory outcomes, and ultimately work towards resolving disputes to the satisfaction of both parties involved.

This training would contribute to a more harmonious and productive relationship between businesses and their customers, benefiting both sides and promoting successful resolution of conflicts.

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