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Facilitation for Group Problem Solving

What is facilitation?

Facilitation is a process by which an independent third party works with a group of individuals to communicate collaboratively and constructively in relation to a particular agenda. There is generally an agreed set of objectives for the facilitation and then the agenda is created by the facilitator in consultation with facilitation participants.

The meaning of facilitate is to ‘make easy’. In a facilitation a third party makes the conversation easier by managing time, ensuring an opportunity for all parties to contribute, engaging the group in reflection, and forward thinking and challenging the group to look at issues from different perspectives. As a facilitator Shiv brings a positive, energizing approach to difficult group discussions and ensures that all participants feel welcome, comfortable and heard.

Facilitation generally involves a third party, usually a trained mediator or coach, chairing and running a meeting between a group of individuals. The facilitator will generally set the agenda, call on individuals to speak, ask questions and present summaries in neutral and balanced language.

Facilitation ensures that all parties in the room have equal opportunity to speak and the agenda is framed in a neutral and balanced way.

What does a Facilitator do?

A facilitator is an impartial, independent, and empathetic third party whose primary goal is to improve communication between all parties to the facilitation. Shiv ensures that conversations are open, frank and ,where appropriate, will inject a sense of fun and humor to what might otherwise be a difficult conversation.

Facilitators do not provide solutions to the group’s problems, but rather assist the groups thinking and decision-making processes by encouraging constructive and collaborative communication. Facilitators can ensure discussions remain on track, manage time and engage the group in reality testing and open information sharing.

​​How long does facilitation take?

Facilitation can take anywhere between one hour to four hours. The length of the facilitation depends on the objectives of the facilitation, the number of issues to be discussed and the size of the group.

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