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Brisbane Mediation Services 

Based in South West Brisbane, I provide face to face and virtual mediations including pre-mediation intake conversations, and post mediation coaching in the following areas:


  • workplace disputes

  • commercial/contract disputes

  • human rights complaints

  • service complaints

  • wills and estates disputes

  • small business disputes

  • professional standards complaints

I offer bespoke mediation services, with a flexible pricing structure, across a variety of communication platforms.

Why Me? 

Experience and Expertise

I am a highly experienced mediator and conciliator recognised by several mediator training and accreditation bodies as a leading practitioner. I have mediator a range of disputes from small neighbourhood disputes to large, commercial multi party matters.

Professionalism and Independence

I value and promote the role of the mediator as an independent, impartial facilitator of conversations. I invite the involvement of legal representatives to my mediation and ensure a future focussed and practical approach to the mediation. I approach mediations with empathy and a clear understanding of the goals and motivations of all parties. 

Legal Acumen

I have over 10 year post admission experience as a legal practitioner and have worked as a decision maker, conference registrar and conciliator for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Fair Work Commission and Office of the Information Commissioner. I excel at managing disputes from both an interest based and rights based perspective and have trained other lawyers and decision makers in conflict resolution skills.

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My Experience  
  • NMAS Accredited Mediator since 2012

  • Recognised Lead Mediator, trainer coach and 
    assessor for the Resolution Institute, Department of Justice and Attorney General and University of Queensland

  • Conducted workplace, community and family 
    mediations and conciliations since 2012 

  • Current Legal practicing certificate

  • Panel Conciliator for the Fair Work  Commission 

  • Independent Examiner for the OECD  secretariat 

  • Expertise in coaching, training and facilitation

As a next step, let's schedule a time to chat about how we can collaborate.


You can reach me at 0433904303 or by email. I am also happy to meet you in person when it suits you.


I look forward to the possibility of working together to deliver exceptional results for your clients.

As health professionals we rarely have the opportunity to do a deep dive into conflict resolution. Shiv provided a safe environment and fantastic, contextual insight into navigating these difficult conversations both in the workplace and at home.

Laura, Nurse Educator

  • What factors determine the booking of mediation services and how do you ensure the best chance of resolution in diverse dispute contexts?
    My mediation services can be booked according to the size of the dispute at hand. I have successfully managed complex multi-party disputes spanning a number of days, and short mediations of 90 minutes. Each dispute and each party has unique needs and I will work independently with all parties and legal representatives to design the most appropriate process to ensure the best chance of resolution. I am experienced at mediating across cultures, generations and dispute contexts.
  • What is your background and experience in mediation and conciliation services?
    After over a decade as a full-time panel mediator, conciliator, decision maker and team manager for various government agencies, Commissions and Tribunals, I am now offering my mediation and conciliation services privately. I am highly experienced in managing a diverse range of disputes and adapt a flexible mediation approach following considered pre-mediation discussions with parties and their legal representatives.
  • What qualifications and experience do you bring to the table as a mediator and mediation accreditation training assessor?
    As an experienced Mediator and Recognized Mediation Accreditation training and assessor I bring to the table a high level of emotional intelligence, the technical skills of a lawyer (Over 10 years PAE) and a depth of cross-cultural and intergenerational conflict experience. I am also skilled in Mental Health First Aid and understand the importance of managing emotions and relationships in effectively managing disputes.

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