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New Ways for Mediation with Bill Eddy and Shiv Martin

Join myself and Bill Eddy in Sydney for a full day of training exploring New Ways for Mediation - A Breakthrough Approach for Managing High Conflict Disputes  skills.  

To register head to the Resolution Institue website and follow the prompts. 

The training will be based on Bill’s book Mediating High Conflict Disputes and will include PowerPoint presentation, video clips, practice exercises, and opportunities for questions and discussion throughout. The methods taught in this training can be helpful in any conflict resolution setting.

Morning Managing High Conflict Personalities in Mediation

  • Five common personality patterns of high conflict behavior
  • Right-brain and Left-brain conflict styles
  • Reducing client resistance to problem-solving
  • Skills for Mediators: Connect, Structure, Educate
  • Skills for Clients

Afternoon: Skills for Connecting and Structuring the Process

  • EXERCISE on Connecting with high conflict clients–E.A.R. Statements
  • STRUCTURING a simple mediation process with high-conflict clients
  • Practice Exercise
  • Closing Q & A
New Ways for Mediation with Bill Eddy and Shiv Martin

Join us for this full-day training to gain valuable skills in conflict resolution where we will provide a basic background in managing high conflict situations in any setting & present this new approach to mediating their disputes, called New Ways for Mediation®

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