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August/ September 2024


Online, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Managing Challenging Interactions

Working with challenging and unreasonable conduct is an inevitable part of dispute resolution work in a broad range of contexts. Join Shiv Martin for a full day workshop explaining an inclusive and informed approach to making the most out of these interactions.

Managing Challenging Interactions
Managing Challenging Interactions

Time & Location

August/ September 2024

Online, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

About the event


Working with challenging and unreasonable conduct is an inevitable part of dispute resolution work in a broad range of contexts.

This includes work in regulatory organisations, public service, human resources, and complaints handling agencies.

Shiv’s training in this space provides practical and clear strategies for managing and responding to challenging interactions through:

  • References to up-to-date research and publications
  • Inclusive, culturally aware approaches
  • Understanding of systemic causes of challenging conduct
  • Input from guest speakers who have lived and working experience
  • Focus on mental health and trauma informed practices
  • Ensuring effective limit setting for government and legal organisations
  • Awareness of relevant legal principles such as good faith, discrimination, natural justice.

Shiv’s training is guided by these key stepping stones:

  1. Safety
  2. Inclusion
  3. Fairness
  4. Process
  5. Limits and Supports

Who is this training for?

Anyone who answers yes to the following questions:

  1. Do you deal with challenging and unreasonable demands, behaviour or communication at work?
  2. Do your team members or clients need support managing challenging interactions?

Shiv Martin often delivers this training for workplace complaints managers, human resources staff, government decision makers, regulatory officers, court and tribunal staff, Ombudsman and Commission officers, mediators, conciliators and customer service managers.

An Informed and Inclusive Approach

As an experienced mediator, lawyer, government decision maker and team manager, who has worked with a broad range of dispute resolution and public service organisations, Shiv Martin brings an inclusive and informed lens to this topic.

With the input of clinical mental health expertise, this workshop combines the most essential skills, knowledge, and resources to support a broad range of conflict and people management practitioners.

The workshop is delivered from an inclusive approach, which means we steer clear of labels, stereotypes and blame language. The learning process is about understanding the systems and underlying causes for challenging conduct, eliciting self-awareness and responsibility, and identifying strategies that are practical and with practice, and reflection, able to applied in the most complex of interactions.

Workshop Content Overview

In the one-day workshop Shiv covers the following topics, to provide practitioners with practical, simple strategies:

  1. Starting with self awareness and self care
  2. Understanding systemic causes and contributors of challenging conduct
  3. Responding through the lens of safety, inclusion and fairness
  4. Working with emotions in conflict
  5. Identifying frameworks for constructive engagement within limits
  6. Responding to and limiting unacceptable conduct
  7. Understanding the impact of underlying psychosocial factors
  8. Reflecting on mental health and conflict

Shiv Martin also delivers this course in-house for government and corporate clients and will include guest speakers and experts as requested.

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